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Your Holiday in Greece on the Kefalonia island

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The island of Cephalonia
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A small fishing port in the far north of the island, it is the only village that was not destroyed by the 1953 earthquake that devastated the island of Kefalonia.

Originally a fishing village that is charming in winter when it is cleared of the terraces of the bars and restaurants that occupy the docks, and the hordes of tourists who will be so happy to buy a local souvenir made in China .

You still have to go if you want to see magnificent yachts owned by wealthy or famous people, or if you absolutely want to pay dearly for a drink that you will drink on a terrace in the ambient hubbub, and to be sure to enjoy it. As many as possible visit Fiscardo when a multitude of buses dump day tourists who get off the huge cruise ships.

One of the few places on the island where you have to control the prices before settling in a restaurant! At the end of the 11th century: The island came under Norman domination when Robert Guiscard seized it who died of a fever in 1085 off Panormos, later renamed in his honor Fiskardo.

Archaeological finds in Fiskardo

In 1993, a Roman cemetery was discovered by the sea, near the Panormos taverna while the telephone company was doing work. The excavations which followed brought to light a large cemetery dating from the 2nd to the 4th century AD with 2 rectangular sections and 27 graves.

Herodotus, a 5th century Greek historian, mentioned a port called Panormos but it was not shown that Panormos was the current Fiskardo: in late 2005, during the construction of a business near the port, workers discovered a plaque Dating from ancient Greece, this plaque was from the people of Athens who thanked the people of Panormos for allowing them to hunt on their lands. It was thus shown that the old Fiskardo was indeed the old Panormos. Panormos means in nautical terms the place where boats can take shelter, a haven.

During the Hellenic period many ports were called this, the most famous is Palermo in Sicily, of which Panormos is the Greek name.

At the end of 2006 near the Fiscardo Bay Hotel, a Roman theater and tombs were discovered, described by archaeologists as the most important finds ever made in the Ionian Islands. The graves had not been looted and contained jewelry, pottery, and bronze objects as well as copper coins. There were five tombs, including an arched tomb and a stone sarcophagus. The front of the tomb has a stone door which still pivots perfectly on two stone spikes so that the door opens and closes.

The small theater has four rows of seats and a space for the orchestra in good condition. This theater is similar to those found at Ambracia in western Greece and Alexandria in Egypt.

The discovery is the first of its kind in the Ionian Sea, Greek experts believe there may have been a currently unknown route between Italy and Greece.

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