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Your Holiday in Greece on the Kefalonia island

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The island of Cephalonia
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2-4 persons 86 m2


The Drogarati Cave is one of the most impressive caves in Greece: the main chamber is currently the largest ever discovered in Greece.

It is covered with stalactites and stalagmites that grow about 1 cm per century. Experts say that, based on the size of the stalactites and stalagmites, the cave is about 2 million years old.

It was discovered in 1827 by a sheepdog while the shepherd was grazing his sheep and has been open to visitors since 1963.

It was first called the "dragon cave" because a local myth claims it was the home of a dragon (drakos).

The cave was not damaged by the 1953 earthquake (except for a slight crack in the ground),

The different shades of color in stalactites and stalagmites are achieved by moisture seeping through contained minerals such as iron, copper, salt and calcium.

The cave descends to a depth of 95 m, the ceiling of the master chamber is 60 meters below ground level. This room measures 65m x 45m for a height of 20m.

The constant temperature is 18 ° C - 90% humidity. It has acoustics and allows concerts to be organized in the summer. The singer "Maria Callas" is said to have sung during a concert organized in the cave.

1000 people can be seated for 6 hours without running out of oxygen.

one of a whole series of caves in the Sami region that are all interconnected, so far only 17 of them have been explored.

These caves were created by a torrent which corroded its path in the limestone rock.

Visit Notes

There are 171 steps (if you count from the top right to the bottom) which can be slippery, and which will have to be climbed after the visit!

Filming and taking pictures is allowed, but without flash.

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