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Your Holiday in Greece on the Kefalonia island

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Orealios Gaea (Robola Cooperative)

Robola is a controlled designation of origin, the only designation for the islands in the Ionian Sea.

The name of Robola literally means "in the rock", which is why the Venetians called this wine "Vino di Sasso", which means wine from the rock.

The vines are cultivated on 3,500 hectares at an altitude of between 400 and 800 m, up to the limits of the park of Mount Ainos. The growing region is made up of rocky, dry soil rich in calcium which is ideal for the vine.
The vine produces small-grained white grapes with a white blond color, round with a thin skin.

The Robola cooperative was created in 1982 to promote Robola and protect the interests of grape producers in the appellation area.
The production unit was built in 1987 with state subsidies. Approximately 300 winegrowers pool their resources and supply their grapes to the cooperative. The grape harvest takes place around the end of August-beginning of September. In Kefalonia, the cooperative's winegrowers are paid better than the national average in the rest of Greece. It is about encouraging the local population to continue the culture so that the young people do not stop the culture and turn exclusively to tourism.
The cooperative absorbs 70% of the Robola grape from Kefalonia. The production unit produces 380,000 bottles, the quantity obviously varying depending on the year's harvest.

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