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St-Andrew Monastery

A convent was founded around 1264 which was abandoned in the following centuries.
In 1579, three spiritual sisters Benedict, Leondia and Magdalen purchased the land where the ruined chapel stood from the apostle Andrew's name.
The monastery was founded in 1587, and soon after became a convent, originally dedicated to the virgin of Milapidia.
In 1639 the Greek Romanian Princess Roxane, renamed Romilia, daughter of the leader of Protospathario Moldovlachia Zotos Tsigaras and granddaughter of the ruler of Moldovlachia Peter Voevodas, began her monastic life.The wealthy princess gave a large part of her fortune to the monastery and brought spiritual treasure from Mount Athos, the remains of the apostle Andrew's right foot, with the nail hole of the crucifixion.
This relic can be found in the new church opposite the entrance gate of the monastery.
A boarding school for young girls was founded in the years 1830-1835 by the Dixons couple. The British authorities came into conflict with the nuns in the early 19th century. In 1832, the monastery's frescoes were covered up by the British in retaliation against the attitude of the monastery.
The monastery had a 17th century church which is the only building that withstood the 1953 earthquake. During the 1953 earthquake, lime on the interior wall of the Church of the Archangels fell, revealing remarkable murals of the post-Byzantine period (around 1700).
you will see a magnificent wooden iconostasis from the 17th century, various precious liturgical objects as well as icons on wood or metal.
A museum was established in 1988 to the left of the central aisle. This museum contains treasures of Byzantine art dating from the 14th to the 19th century, frescoes and an iconostasis dating from the 17th century as well as a robe embroidered with gold and ancient manuscripts.

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