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Cyclopean walls of the ancient city of Krani

The Cyclopean walls, located near the ancient Doric temple of Demeter are so called because people believed that they were built by Cyclops, only they could handle such volumninous blocks of stone.
A lot of people wonder how they could be so perfectly aligned. They were probably built in the 7th century BC.
The walls run over 2 kilometers long.
To get to the site, the path starts near the road that goes from Argostoli to Sami. Just after leaving argostoli, before arriving in Razata, you will see a sign indicating the Cyclopean walls. This sign directs you to an asphalt road which becomes a dirt road. You will then find a large area to park your vehicle. You just have to walk a few meters to the walls.
When visiting, it is best to wear sturdy walking shoes or sneakers and long pants to protect yourself from thorny trees.
These walls served to protect the ancient city of Krani. You will be able to see remains of buildings from this city. The city of Krani overlooked the entire region.
The Krania Plain was the city's main site. Krani was one of the 4 independent cities of Kefalonia.
The inhabitants of these 4 cities had relations with the surrounding islands, Ithaca and Lefkada as well as the group of Cycladic islands. These relations ended when Santorini was destroyed by a volcanic eruption.
Near these walls, on a hill called Riza, there are many tombs that existed before the Mycenaean period. Unfortunately, these graves have been looted and damaged. The hill served as a necropolis for the ancient city of Krani.

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