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Drapano bridge

The Drapano Bridge, also known as the De Bosset Bridge or the English Bridge, was built during the British occupation in 1813 under the government of Sir Charles James Napier by the Swiss administrator Philippe de Bosset who was in the service of the British.

It allowed the British soldiers who occupied the island in the 19th century to avoid going north to go to the bottom of the lagoon which was then made up of swamps infested with diseases (malaria, cholera, etc.). On the avenue extending from the bridge on the Drapano side, you can also visit the British cemetery and might be surprised at the age of the British soldiers who died in the 19th century, sometimes with all their families. The number of disease deaths has been greatly reduced since the existence of the bridge.

This bridge also made it easier for the surrounding villagers to get to Argostoli. It is 900m long and crosses the Koutavos lagoon to connect Argostoli with the Drapano shore.

Its original structure was made of wood but 4 years later stone arches were added.
In 1842 the bridge was remodeled by Baron Everton and rebuilt in stone giving it its present form, using stones from the hill named Metela. It was partially rebuilt in the 20th century with concrete arches.
This bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic since 2005 because it tends to sink into the water.

Important works were carried out between 2013 and 2016 to consolidate and restore it.

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