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Preliminary warning for beginners

Naturism is addictive, and once you have discovered the voluptuousness of swimming naked, it will be very difficult to put on a swimsuit afterwards.


The naturists

- They are people that look you in the eye when taking to you.
- They are people that have respect for people of all shapes and sizes.
- They are people that like you for being you and not what brand you wear.
- They are people that don't make rude or sexual comments to you or about you.
- They are people that enjoy meeting the real you, not someone you pretend to be.
- They are people that come from all walks of life and professions.
- They are people that are more friendly than regular people.
- They are people that don't think a nude body is a sexual statement. - They are people that don't like to wear clothes.


The naturism

What is Naturism ?

Ask 50 people and you get 50 different answers. Whilst there is no official definition, it could be said: "Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed by communal nudity with the aim of furthering the respect of oneself, of others and that of the environment." Others describe naturism as "a sensible approach to wearing clothes".

Naturists come in all shapes and sizes and of all ages – from the newly-born to those over 80. Many of us are interested in sports or outdoor living but others prefer just to relax. We are labourers, managers, clerks, civil servants, artists, farmers, doctors, etc.: we represent all walks of life. By undressing, you strip yourself of any false attitudes and of any outward signs of your social position in daily life. Without clothes, the employee is on the same level as the boss, and for many this turns out to be one of the most beneficial elements of Naturism.

Naturists are also more relaxed about the human body. We are more aware than others that human beings are born with soft skin which wrinkles later in life, that some are fat, others thin, some are tall, others short; having been struck by illness or accident, some remain scarred for life – we are simply men and women. Naturists don’t worry about how they are made – they prefer to let their true personality radiate.

We have in common our deep love of nature and the respect of all beings and things. What then is a naturist? Probably someone just like you and us.

What does naturism bring?

Better physical health through direct contact with the natural elements. Good moral health through the spirit of tolerance, brought about by the practice of communal nudity and the invigorating atmosphere of the naturist environment.


You have chosen to take a naturist holiday and, weather permitting, most resorts expect you to be naked, at least during the day. Policies vary from resort to resort - some have a dawn to dusk policy, other confine nudity to outdoors. Nudity is obligatory at all resorts to use naturist pools, naturist sunbathing facilities and nautrist beaches. People usually dress to eat at an indoor restaurant and often for dinner in the evening. You will find a short paragraph about the extent of nudity at your chosen resort on the individual resort pages of the brochure and on our website.

And the children?

By nature, all children are naturists from birth: children dislike wearing clothes, they enjoy going around nude. Children who have been brought up as naturists become adults without all the hang-ups which can hit their non-naturist friends. Their natural curiosity is already satisfied as they know and accept the human body, because they are used to seeing everybody in the nude, from the youngest to the oldest.

Those who want to start naturism fear that their children will be shocked, and therefore hesitate to take the plunge.
From experience we can indicate that the children will possibly be surprised for a few seconds but will hurry to undress to play. Children are never shocked by nudity, only adults can be because nudity has a sexual connotation for them that does not exist in children.
Teenagers are reluctant to show themselves naked, they are not yet used to their changing bodies. the teenager is happy with clothes that conceal his body.This is a normal attitude, and there is no reason to want to force your teenager to be seen naked, nor is there any reason to hide your nudity to the teenager.

Why become a naturist?

Everybody who swims nude in a private pool or in quiet spots along the coast, those who sunbathe all over on their balconies, those who like to sleep, read or even do the housework nude, they all know how pleasant it is to be without clothes from time to time. Nudity is as old as mankind itself – nobody waited for the swimming costume to be invented before learning to swim!

Why holiday resorts?

Card players prefer to play bridge in foursomes, to playing patience on their own. Frankly, isolated naturists are missing out on numerous advantages: they are deprived of contact with their friends whilst they remain without clothes. They are also at the mercy of voyeurs and those who do not appreciate our way of life.

Naturists go on holiday to dedicated naturist resorts for the benefits of protection and the consent of the authorities. It is a pleasure to find oneself among others who share the same motivations and can add to the enjoyment of a holiday for which we work and save all year.

One could say that we find among ourselves nude and happy people with interests like everybody else: we practise (or do not practise) sports – volleyball, badminton, table-tennis, swimming. We cook, we quench our thirsts, we appreciate music, a good book or a work of art, we sleep like everyone else. Our children play or squabble as everywhere, but here they are more natural, less nervous, and their education progresses more easily... We are also capable of doing nothing and, thus, to have the time to enjoy quietly the protected nature which surrounds us... all this in a spirit of freedom, relaxation and natural respect.


How popular is naturism?

Britain’s naturists can be counted in hundreds of thousands, those on the continent in millions, 20 - 25 million! Numbers are increasing rapidly.

Naturist sites They vary from basic to very luxurious. Whatever your standards or tastes, you will find a naturist site to your liking: you can stay overnight or spend the day there. There are small club sites, pleasant and rustic, where one lives close to nature, among friends, under canvas or in caravans. Everybody participates in life as a group and, if necessary, in maintenance work. Here, one does not look for creature comforts but a simple and natural life amongst a group of friends.

At the other end of the scale there are sites, mainly holiday centres around the coasts of France, Spain and Croatia which are small towns with shops, banks, marinas, cultural activities and complete sports facilities, bungalows and sometimes apartment blocks. Many people come into Naturism from holidays.

Apart from these extreme types of sites, there are many in between, from the farm where you milk the cows and help in the fields, to a small suntrapping paradise in an extensive mountain range, or old castles. The majority of naturist sites have a swimming pool, and all have at least one volleyball court. Other usual facilities include a tennis court, sauna, a heated and filtered pool and a club house.

It sounds great – but how will it feel the first time? Whilst the first seconds after a dive into a pool take your breath away and maybe give you a shock, you feel much better for it afterwards. It is just like that when you become a naturist. The children immediately feel at home in the playground. You may be a little shy, but after a tour of the grounds, you will be surprised to find that all fear has gone. Dressed, you attract attention; nude, you are not noticed.

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